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Most people use social media on a daily basis, but did you know there are ways you can utilize Facebook to help save you money?

1. Join Saving with Susan Facebook Group

The Saving with Susan Facebook Group is a fun and interactive group dedicated to posting savings, specials, deals, promotions, and coupons that you can take advantage of. Join the public group today to get access to these great deals and specials. Read more about the group here or visit the group on Facebook. Saving with Susan also does giveaways for prizes – why not enter to win free gift cards or products!?

2. Use Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to shop. The list of items available on the marketplace is vast – from baby clothes to houses. Compare prices and find gently used items at a great deal. Aside from shopping you can list your own items to make some extra cash. Take a picture of the item you want to sell and list. It’s that simple. Don’t forget you can use your local police or fire station for a safe meeting place.

There are also many local Facebook groups you can search for and joint that are dedicated to buying and selling around the area you live in. If you haven’t checked it out already, its a great place to look for options.

3. Follow Big Brands for Giveaways & Specials

Many big companies offer coupons, savings, specials, and giveaways on their pages to help you save money. If you love a particular company, or shop there frequently, follow their page to be notified of their sales and promotions. Facebook uses algorithms to figure out what you’re interested in, so make sure to like, comment, and share if you want Facebook to learn and suggest new companies or products you might be interested in.

4. Join Local Groups Dedicated to Free Items

Search “Freecycle” and your local town to join groups where people are giving items away. These groups typically do not allow people to “sell” anything, therefore they are a great place to search for free things. You can also join your local garage sale groups to find discounted items.