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I’ll have to admit, I was enticed with an Amazon Prime Membership with a student discount when I was in college. Multiple times since then, I’ve had to re-evaluate whether or not it was worth the cost, and the answer is a resounding yes! Read on to see why…

1. Free Two-Day Shipping on Countless Items!

This is one of the most attractive features which seems to be getting better and better. Many times you can actually get same-day or one-day shipping included. Amazon will often give you the option to choose No-Rush shipping to get a reward for future purchases such as the $1 reward for select digital items! The credits can typically go towards music, digital movies, or TV shows, and it’s great to add to your Prime Video collection, which brings me to my next point…

2. Prime Video & Music Included

My family and I, like many others, don’t use the typical Cable package (to save money of course!). We use Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. Prime Video has many great free TV shows and videos to choose from, and we’ve built up our library with purchased items from FREE credits from choosing No-Rush shipping. Prime Music has more than two million songs for members in the U.S. and you can get a discount off Amazon Music Unlimited.

3. Amazing Sales & Specials

Amazon has so many great deals available on their website. Many people don’t realize they have an Outlet for overstock or discount items as well as Amazon Warehouse where you can buy open box or gently used items at a great discount. If you’re not one who loves to shop around for a sale, you can join my Facebook group where I post great deals on items I find. Read more about finding great deals on this article.

4. Amazon Family

If you have kids, you need to join Amazon family for its amazing benefits. Amazon Family includes discounts of up to 20% off diapers, baby food, as well as 15% off eligible purchases from a baby registry. I have made an Amazon Baby Registry now 3 times, and it hasn’t disappointed! Many people don’t realize you can actually add non-baby items to your registry and you can receive discounts on eligible items. I was also able to get the same discount when I created a Wedding Registry!

5. 5% Cash Back with Amazon Prime Visa Signature Card

This does not come with an Amazon Prime Membership, but if you shop on Amazon, the Amazon Prime Visa Signature card is a no-brainer. Effectively using credit cards is one way I help my family save, and what better way than to get 5% cashback on a website I use frequently!

6. Many Other Features to Explore


Even though the initial cost of $119 a year seems expensive, it easily pays for itself with free shipping, discounts from Subscribe & Save, streaming music and video, and so much more! You can try a 30-day Free Trial to see if it’s worth it for you too!