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Any dinosaur party will become more complete with some dino-themed food, snacks, and desserts! Transform your party space into a prehistoric world. Hang green and brown streamers or balloons to mimic the jungle. Place inflatable or cardboard dinosaur cutouts around the room. You can also use faux foliage, rocks, and bones to create a dinosaur habitat. Don’t forget to check out some party decorations for a Three-Rex party, but really a dino theme is a fabulous idea for any age!

Labels for your Carno-Snacks

First off, you’re going to want to plan your menu and then make or order some of these editable food labels. If you’re not into DIY, these are super easy to use and edit for your party. You can use the template and create labels for each of your food items.

Create Your Own Labels

You can download some free for personal use fonts here to create fun labels at home if you like to DIY. If you want an even easier option I recommend buying the template from Etsy (as pictured above).

Herbivore Snacks

Dino Eggs (Grapes)

Put out red or green grapes and label them dino eggs for snacking!

Dino Eggs (Deviled eggs)

There are many egg-shaped foods you can use to call “dino eggs” and deviled eggs are a great option for appetizers.

Dino or foot-shaped fruits

Grab a set of dino-shaped food cutters and use them to make dinosaur or dinosaur foot-shaped snacks. You can cut up little pieces of cheese, fruits, and more for some roar-some snacks!

T-rex teeth – doritos or tortilla chips

Find a triangle-shaped chip and label them t-rex teeth for a dino-themed snack.

Lava (cheese dip) 

Dino toenails (bugles) 

Dino bones (pretzels) 

Get pretzel sticks and put marshmallows on each end and dip in white chocolate for a bone-shaped treat!

Dino fruit pouches

Grab these dinosaur-themed GoGo Squeeze packs to set out at your party.

Carnivore Snacks

Pterydactyl wings (chicken wings)

Dino Bites (Pizza puffs or other appetizer snacks)

Main Courses

This dino sandwich cutter is perfect for creating dinosaur sandwiches for your party! You can make PB&J, ham & cheese, or whatever your child likes best to serve at the party. The best part about this sandwich cutter is that it makes 2 sandwiches from each piece of bread!

Prehistoric Pizza

Set out various types of pizza as a main course labeled Prehistoric Pizza. Kids always love pizza at a birthday party!

Raptor Wraps

Make some wrap sandwiches and cut them into bite-sized pieces and label them Raptor Wraps.

Dino Nuggets

You can find dino-shaped nuggets in most grocery stores!


Fossil Fuel (any type of drink)

Dinosaur punch (create your own punch or use fruit punch)

Volcano Punch

Create a “volcano punch” by mixing red or orange fruit punch with lemon-lime soda. Add dry ice to create a smoky effect.


Dino Dirt Cups (You can call these Dino Dirt Cups or Prehistoric Dirt)

It’s a twist on the classic oreo cups, create a dino-themed dessert with dino gummies. You can grab them here or I found them at a local Walmart.

Dinosaur cookies

(DIY or purchase some from Etsy) You can make dino track cookies too

Dino Chow (dinosaur version of puppy chow)

Dino Droppings (Chocolate covered)

Dino eggs (Rice Krispie eggs) 

Remember to play some dinosaur-themed music or sound effects in the background to enhance the atmosphere. With these ideas, you’ll be sure to have a roaring good time at your dinosaur-themed party!