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If you have a dino lover, what better choice for their third birthday than a Three-Rex party? This birthday party theme will make any Three-a-Saurus smile. Find everything you need to throw a Roarsome birthday party here.


Etsy has a plethora of amazing birthday party invitations you can customize to send via phone, email, printout out, and more! Check out this Three-Rex invitation here.

Party Decorations

Be sure to have plenty of green balloons and decorations around and plenty of dinosaur balloons too. You can snag a set that has everything included like the one pictured below or hit up The Dollar Tree or Walmart to find some green and gold decorations. You’ll find great party decoration options on both Amazon and Etsy for dino-themed parties.

Themed Food & Desserts

There are so many amazing dino-themed food ideas, you can check out this article here for a full list, and see some highlights below!

Dino Dirt Cups

It’s a twist on the classic oreo cups, create a dino-themed dessert with dino gummies. You can grab them here or I found them at a local Walmart.

Dino Nuggets

At a kid’s birthday party, dino nuggets are sure to be a hit. Grab a bag of dinosaur chicken nuggets, cook them up in an air fryer or oven, and serve hot! Your best bet is to find them at your local grocery store, Walmart, or Sam’s Club!

More Dino Food Ideas

Here’s a list of some great Dino Themed food ideas:

  • Rapor Wraps (pinwheel sandwiches or wraps)
  • Dino Eggs (deviled eggs, pretzel bites, balled up fruit, chocolate balls or anything else that is round)
  • Pteryldactyl wings (chicken wings)
  • Stego-sandwiches (sandwiches cut with dino cookie cutters)
  • Lava Cake
  • Prehistoric Pizza
  • T-Rex Nachos (with Lava cheese)
  • Sweetivores (for any desserts)
  • Carnivore snacks (for any meat options)
  • Herbivore snacks (for any veggie options)
  • and so many more options available to play with

You can find some great place cards for your food here or make your own!

Plastic Dinnerware

You can either go with a fancy plastic plate or a dinosaur-themed plate for your tableware. Either way, you’ll need something to hold all your delicious dino-themed treats.

Birthday Outfit

There are some amazing options for Three-Rex shirts and oufits. Depending on the type of dinosaur party you’re having, there are Jurassic Park-style shirts, cartoon-style shirts, and personalized options galore. Check out a few options below and search here for more!

Family Shirts

Don’t forget to get matching family shirts too if your family wants to join in the fun. Custom made so you can include Sister-saurus or Grandma-sauras as well! Below you’ll find a Jurassic Park-themed option, but you’ll find a lot more options here.

Party Favors

It’s always good to have something to say “Thanks for Stomping By” for your party guests. You can make gift bags with these dinosaur stamps. It’s super easy to make and you can use the other stamps in the set for other decorations for the party. If DIY isn’t your thing, you can grab some dinosaur party favor bags or boxes.

Now it’s time to fill the bags with favors for your guests. There are some really great food and non-food items you can give. Let’s start with the food options.

  • Create you own gift or snack bags with dinosaur themed labels
  • Dinosaur egg candies (use round candies like chocolate covered peanuts, troli sour eggs, Easter egg candy, etc)
  • Dinosaur snacks (pretzels, goldfish, cereal and more!)
  • Dinosaur gummies (best bet is finding them in store at Walmart)

Non-food items are endless when it comes to dinosaurs as they are such a popular item for kids.

Plus regular party favors that aren’t dinosaur-themed are always a hit

Dinosaur Costume for Adults & Kids

I’m sure you’ve seen them, but no party is complete without the giant blow-up dinosaur costumes! They come in both kids and adult sizes so you can have some fun with them.

Go crazy with dinosaur-themed items, your three-rex will LOVE it!