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Your baby is almost one, it’s amazing how fast the time flew by. Now it’s time to plan for their first birthday party. Coming up with a theme is exciting, but sometimes can be stressful. Here are some great first birthday party theme ideas all centered around “ONE”. Not to fret, if none of these one-themed parties are your cup of tea, there are endless ideas around anything your little one is into!

One or First Themed Parties

Wild One

Aren’t they all just wild when they’re turning one?! This safari theme is great for any animal lover. If this is what you’re looking for, here’s a post on Everything You Need for a Wild One 1st Birthday Party!

Mr. One-Derful / Miss One-Derful

A perfect classic birthday party theme to dress your little one up!

O”Fish”ally One

Into fishing? Check out this adorable O “Fish”ally One party theme! Don’t forget the Sweedish Fish to use as snacks and decorations!

First Rodeo

First Fiesta

1st Bee-Day

One in A Melon

Berry 1st Birthday or Sweet One

Your baby’s first birthday is so sweet and special with this berry-themed party. Grab a smash cake and use all things strawberry to decorate.

Alice in One-Derland

One Happy Camper

Winter One-Derland

Rookie Year

If your family is into baseball, what better theme than celebrating your one-year-old with a Rookie themed party. After all, they are the rookie of the family and they have a LOT to learn.

1st Trip Around the Sun

Some Bunny Is One

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Leave a comment with other One themed birthday parties you’ve done!