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On average a baby can go through approximately 2,500 diapers in the first year. If each diaper is 35-40 cents, that can add up to be $875 or more! Finding good deals on diapers can save you a TON of money, and it’s quite easy to do with the following tips.

1. Calculate Cost Per Diaper

This is the absolute best way to ensure you’re getting a good deal on diapers. Packages vary, so the only way to know if it is a good deal is to calculate the cost per diaper. A lot of stores or websites will automatically calculate for you, but if not, make sure you price it out before you buy it.

You will end up paying more if you’re set on a particular brand of diapers, but the following chart is what I try to stick to for price per diaper based on size. These numbers can vary significantly if you buy more expensive brands such as Honest Company, Pampers, Babyganics, Huggies Special Delivery and others. Know what you’re paying on average for diapers and buy when you see a good deal.

2. Stock Up

Stock up on diapers when you find a good deal. You will want to stock up on the larger sizes like size 3 and 4 and only buy a few of the newborn- size 2 boxes. For each of my 3 boys, I went through about:

  • 1-2 large boxes of newborn
  • 1-2 large boxes of size 1
  • 2-3 large boxes of size 2
  • 3-4 large boxes of size 3
  • 5-7 large boxes of size 4
  • 6-8 large boxes of size 5

The smaller sizes tend to be cheaper, so don’t move up too quickly in size to keep the costs down. Of course, if you’re getting frequent blowouts, it is definitely time to size up.

3. Sign up for Amazon Family

Amazon offers some great deals on diapers and other baby items. If you are still pregnant and haven’t started a registry yet, sign up for an Amazon Baby registry today to take advantage of their great offers. Not only do you get an awesome Welcome Baby Box, but you also can get a registry discount. You can also sign up for Amazon Family to get 20% off on diaper subscriptions.

Not sure how the subscriptions work? Check out this article about using Subscribe & Save.

Most often, Amazon is my go-to place to find the best deals on purchasing diapers. There are frequently coupon offers to take advantage of to really bring the price per diaper down.

4. Check In-Store Deals and Ads

Target, Meijer, and other stores often have sales with gift card bonuses for the purchase of “X” amount of dollars spent on diapers, wipes and other baby items. Plus you can use in-store coupons and pair those with rebate apps to save even more money. You can check out specific diaper company websites for exclusive coupons or a website like to find printable coupons. Check your local ads and again, make sure you calculate the price per diaper to make sure you’re getting a good deal!

5. Use Rebate Apps

Rebate apps like Ibotta will have coupons occasionally to use for select diaper brands. Other apps like Fetch will give you a rebate on any receipt and will sometimes have a bonus for select diaper brands. Rautken currently offers 4% cashback on your Honest Company purchases (plus if you sign up through this link, you’ll get a $10 bonus as a welcome gift after you spend $25!!

If you’re not already signed up for rebate apps, sign up today to start saving more money.

6. Don’t know where to search for deals? Join the Saving with Susan Facebook Group

The Saving with Susan Facebook group frequently posts deals on baby items like diapers, wipes and more. Join today to see savings on diapers and many other items!