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A Mickey-themed party is a great idea for your little one who loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Mickey is an iconic character that has been loved through the ages so this is sure to be a hit among both kids and adults.

If your little one is turning two, it’s perfect for a Two-dles theme.


If you want an easy way to create an invitation, you can purchase a template from Etsy. You can buy one that can be edited for your party and you can print or send it digitally to your guests!

Birthday Outfit

Dress your little one up for your themed party with either a Mickey outfit or a themed party tee.

You can grab a birthday outfit here or here or DIY one like I did!

  • Find red shorts or a diaper cover and sew on two white buttons to the front
  • Grab a pair of red suspenders
  • Find yellow socks (or dye them if needed like I did)
  • For the top, you can choose a solid black top or a decorated and themed onesie!

Grab tees for the family too. You can choose to wear all red, black and yellow or grab some personalized outfits!

Don’t forget Mickey Ears for your little one and even as party favors for guests!

Party Decorations

You’ll want to decorate with red, yellow, and black. If you’re more like me and want to do a more DIY setup, grab a roll of red, yellow, and black streamers to use as the bulk of your decorations. You can grab a set of balloons as well or even find some Mickey-shaped balloons to add to your decorations. There are many great sets available online.

Grab a set that has your child’s year like this “Oh Two-Dooles” set!

Don’t forget to grab some other Mickey Themed Decorations:

Food Ideas & Labels

The theme for your Mickey party food will benefit from some Mickey-shaped snacks. You can grab Mickey cookie cutters in all sizes to fit your needs!

Mickey Shaped Party Food with cookie cutters

Easily create your own Mickey-shaped food from a variety of options with different-sized Mickey cookie cutters! You can create appetizers, entrees, and even desserts to display.


  • Cheese (cut out like Mickey) & crackers
  • Fruit in Mickey shape – watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries
  • Vegetables in Mickey shape – cucumber (You can even create cucumber sandwiches with Mickey-shaped bread or cucumber
  • Mickey fruit snacks

Main entrees:

  • Mickey-shaped sandwiches – deli or PB&J
  • Mickey-shaped pizza – create your own biscuit pizzas and shape (or cut out) like Mickey
  • Mickey-shaped chicken nuggets – select stores carry these, just pop them in the air fryer for an easy entree


  • Mickey-shaped sprinkles for your dessert decorations
  • Mickey-shaped brownies
  • Mickey-shaped rice krispie treats
  • Mickey-shaped chocolate-covered Oreos – use a regular Oreo and two mini Oreos to create the classic Mickey head all dipped in chocolate

Mickey Shaped Food Displays

Mickey Veggie Platter

  • Arrange cherry tomatoes and black olives to create Mickey’s face on a platter. Use baby carrots for his smile.

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

  • Top cupcakes with Mickey Mouse-themed toppers or use icing to create Mickey’s face. This set even has cupcake wrappers that go with the theme

Mickey Mouse Fruit Salad

  • Create a fruit salad with watermelon balls, grapes, and pineapple chunks, arranging them to resemble Mickey’s face

Mickey Mouse Cookie Pops

  • Decorate round cookies to look like Mickey Mouse faces using icing and edible markers. Attach the cookies to lollipop sticks for easy handling

Mickey Mouse Pretzels

  • Dip pretzel rods in melted chocolate and add two mini chocolate candies for ears. You can also use white chocolate and add colored sprinkles for a festive touch

Mickey Mouse Pancakes

Mickey Mouse Waffles

Disney Themed Font for Your Party

Did you know the classic Disney font is one you can grab and use for yourself in programs like Microsoft Word and Canva? If you don’t want to create your own, you can always buy templates from Etsy!

Grab a free Disney-themed font to create your own banners, food labels, and more from here –

Disney Themed Fonts

Party Favors

No party is complete without filling a bag or box to take home for your Mickey-themed party.

Mickey Ears

Mickey Shaped Crayons & Coloring Books

These are a cute addition to any goodie bag! Grab some pre-made Mickey-shaped crayons or make your own by melting crayons into these Mickey-shaped molds!

You can even grab some Mickey coloring books or some of these personalized coloring pages to add!

Or you can opt for these mess-free coloring books depending on your age group!

Treat bags and fillers:


Mickey Duplo Set

Grab a Mickey Duplo set for either a gift or a fun activity to put out for kids to play with at a station for activities.

Mickey Mouse Pinata

Fill a Mickey Pinata with candy and party favors for your guests to take home!

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