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Whether you’re celebrating a first birthday or any birthday in between a shark party is a great idea for a birthday party. You can easily set up a shark party for a pool party, an event party, an outdoor party, or even an in-home party with these great ideas.


Ideas for invite headings include a Shark-tastic, Fin-tastic, or Jaw-some party. You can create your own or purchase a template so it’s already done for you! Etsy is a great place to look for personalized shark party invites. You personalize templates to send out on your own via text, social, or print!

Shark Puns for Your Party

  • “Dive into….!”
  • “Have a jawsome time!”, “You’re Jaw-some for coming”
  • “It’s a fintastic day to celebrate!”
  • “You’re some-fin special, thanks for coming!”
  • “Sink or swim, we’re having a great time!”
  • “Let’s make some waves and celebrate!”
  • “Thanks for swimming by to celebrate with us!”
  • “Chews wisely”

Birthday Outfit

The birthday outfit is simple – find a shark-themed shirt. You can grab a personalized one here or find any underwater or shark shirt to complement your party decorations.

And of course, you can grab the matching family set too!

Party Decorations

With an underwater theme, you’ll want to decorate with plenty of blues and greens. You can grab some pre-packaged decorations or easily DIY a perfect shark-themed underwater display. Grab some blue tinsel to hang for that shimmery underwater look.

Personalize your party with an age balloon or even a personalized backdrop.

Shark Balloons

Grab a net and fill it with a Shark and colored balloons for a neat display!

Or grab a shark set that includes birthday banners and more

Shark Photo Ops and Backdrops

Grab a shark backdrop or even a personalized one for some photo fun! Make it an activity with some photo booth props too!

Food Ideas & Labels

Create an underwater-themed food display with customizable food labels. You can DIY or buy a package from Etsy too!

Food Labels

Or grab a bundle deal including water bottle covers, food labels, tags, cupcake decorations, invitations and more!

Shark Themed Tableware

Don’t forget to grab shark plates, napkins, table cloths and more!

Underwater and shark-themed Food

Snacks & Desserts

  • Shark gummies
  • Goldfish
  • Shark teeth – Bugles or cheese wedges
  • Driftwood – pretzel sticks
  • Fishing poles – pretzel rods with licorice
  • DIY sushi – square rice krispie, with a shark gummy, wrapped in fruit by the foot
  • Shark cookies

Appetizers & Entres

  • Fish and chips – fish sticks and potato chips
  • Seaweed dip – spinach dip or guacamole with blue tortilla chips
  • Shark-coterie boards – cheese, meats, and more

Party Favors

With an underwater theme, there are plenty of great treats to provide your guest as a thank you.

Stickers and bags

You can grab your own labels and fill them with gummy treats like these shark gummies.

Personalized Shark Cups

Personalized Shark Bags

Small party favors to add to bags or to a pinata


  • Shark photo booth: Grab some shark photo props for your shark or underwater background for some fun photo ops!
  • Shark scavenger hunt: Hide shark-related items or toys for the kids to find.
  • Shark craft station: Set up a craft station where kids can paint shark figurines, shark make-a-face stickers, or shark suncatchers.
  • Shark fishing game: Create a fishing game with magnetic fishing rods and shark targets.
  • Shark building: Set up age appropriate Underwater Duplo or Shark LEGO sets
  • Shark movie time: Show age-appropriate shark-themed movies like “Finding Nemo” or “Shark Tale.”

You can always have an adult show up in one of these shark inflatable costumes too!