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Your little one is turning three and it’s time to plan their party. You can always go with a popular party theme based on the shows they like or their favorite toy, or you can choose one of these three themed party ideas!

Young, Wild & Three

This popular Safari theme can be done for a Wild One, Two Wild, and now a Young, Wild & Three Party! For some great decorating ideas check out this post on Everything You Need for a Wild One party.


If your little one is a dinosaur lover, this dino-themed party is an excellent idea. You can find so many great decorations and party ideas for your little Three-Rex here in the article Everything You Need for a Three-Rex Party.

You’ll need to grab a Three-Rex shirt for your little dino, and grab a -Saurus shirt like Mama-Saurus, Brother-saurus, or Grandpa-saurus tee for everyone in the family.


We all know little ones can have quite the attitude! Celebrate with your Little Miss Threenager for a fun, cheeky party theme.

Three-Esta Fiesta Theme

Who doesn’t love tacos?! Aside from the popular Taco-bout a Party theme, you can make it even better with this Three-Esta Fiesta theme. Set up a taco bar, grab some fiesta party decorations, and party way with your 3-year-old!

Three Scoops of Fun

Grab a cute outfit and set up an ice cream bar for three scoops of fun to celebrate your three-year-old!

Warning: 3 Year Old Ahead Construction Party

You can let your toddler come with a warning sign “3-year-old ahead” or use the theme “I’m digging being 3”. Either way, you can find plenty of great construction-themed party supplies to celebrate your little one. Check out this article on a construction-themed party for more ideas.

I Dig Being 3

A variation of this construction theme is “I Dig being 3” with all the same construction-themed decorations as above!

Third Down

Do you have a football lover? Celebrate with a Third Down football-themed party! This is a theme you can use ANY year to celebrate the First Year Down, Second Year Down, etc! So even if you don’t use it this year, you can use it in the future. Send out invitations and prepare game day snacks for your guests for a touchdown party.

Three, 2, 1 Blast Off

Celebrate with an outer space-themed party with rocket fuel (juice) and out-of-this-world-themed snacks!