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Use this adorable “two-themed” birthday party for your baby’s 2nd birthday. Two Sweet is not only bright, colorful, and fun, it’s easy to decorate and plan for with themed treats, games, and more!

If you’re still on the fence and want some other two-themed birthday ideas you can check them out here!


Create your own Two Sweet party invitation or grab one here from Etsy that you can edit, print, or send digitally. These are great to be able to send via text, or you can print and mail. It’s also great to have a digital copy to add to a photo book of your birthday party when it’s all done. If you want pre-made ones you can write in, you can grab some here.

Birthday Outfit

You can find your little girl a Two Sweet birthday outfit for the party. Both Etsy and Amazon are a great place to shop for these. There are options for personalized shirts, family shirts, dresses, tutus and more!


Think all things sprinkles when deciding on decorations for your party. Grab a set of party decorations or DIY colorful donuts, ice cream, lollipops, and more for decorations! Balloon arches are a great way to decorate a space plus grab a photo backdrop for photo ops.

Don’t forget to grab tablecloth covers and plates, napkins, and cups!

Party Food Ideas

Having a Two Sweet party can have a heavy focus on sweet treats and desserts. You can grab this set of Two Sweet food labels for juice boxes, water bottles, chips and more! Set up your toddler’s favorite food for your meal and put out some sweet treats for the dessert table.


Desserts will be the absolute easiest with a Two Sweet birthday theme! You can fill a dessert table with all sweets imaginable to go with your party theme. You can even grab some personalized “Two Sweet” cookies to match! If you’d rather DIY cookies you can grab some cookie cutters here.

Cake Topper

If your decoration package doesn’t come with a cake or cupcake toppers you’ll want to grab them separately. You can find a large array of personalized cake toppers and more on Etsy.

Party Games, Activities, & Favors

Candy Bar

Set up a candy bar with various types of sweets like gummy bears, chocolate bars, lollipops, and marshmallows. Allow the guests to fill up their party favor bags or boxes with their favorite treats.

DIY Desserts

Organize a DIY dessert station where kids can make or decorate their own sweet treats. Provide ingredients for making ice cream sundaes, decorate cupcakes or cookies, or create their own candy kabobs.

Candyland Decor Sleepover

Decorate the party area with pastel colors, giant lollipops, cotton candy balloons, and candy-inspired garlands. Then, create a cozy sleepover setup with lots of pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags.

Sweet Dreams Cinema

Set up a mini movie theater with bean bags or cushions. Screen sweet-themed movies or classic favorites, and provide popcorn and candy for a cinema-like experience.

Arts & Crafts Setup

Grab some simple stickers or coloring books to lay out for a fun party activity. This “Make Your Own” cupcake sticker book is a great idea. There are sweet-themed coloring books, self-inking stamps, and even tattoos!

Bean Bag Toss

You can DIY your own bean bag toss, or grab one already set up for a fun party activity. Even take a spin on the classic bozo buckets game and have decorated buckets.

Two Sweet Pinata

Instead of giving traditional goodie bags, you can fill the pinata with small toys, candies, and treats that guests can collect once the pinata is broken. This way, the pinata serves as both an activity and a party-favor distribution method. Plus if you have some sweets and treats readily displayed for guests to take home you won’t have to set anything up in advance!

Party favor ideas: