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Your baby is approaching the “Terrible Twos” what better way to welcome them in than a Two-themed party! Here are some great ideas to use.

Two-Ti Fruitti

Create a fun fruit themed birthday party for your two year old. Decorate with bright colors and serve fruity desserts.

Oh Two-Dles

If your child loves Mickey, throw them a Two-Dles themed birthday party with all things Mickey.

Taco Two-sday

Throw a fiesta and serve a taco bar for your little one’s party. Tacos are always a hit. You can also find some fun things for a weekly Taco Tuesday here.

Two the Moon

Take your little astronaut to the moon with this fun Two themed birthday party.

Two Fast

If your little one loves cars, this Two Fast themed birthday party is an excellent idea! Set up a racetrack, grab checkered themed decor and set up for a fun party.

Two Wild

If you didn’t do the Wild One themed birthday party, you can still catch on and celebrate for Two Wild (Check out everything for a Wild One party here)! Decorate with Safari themed decor, serve animal crackers, and let your little one be wild.

Welcome Two the Jungle 

For a similar theme, or even a combined theme to the Wild Two, you can do “Welcome to the Jungle”. Decorated in jungle with leaves, animals, green & gold, and more!

Chugga Chugga Two Two 

An adorable theme for a little one that is into trucks! You can even grab your little one a personalized name train too!

This Aint My First Rodeo (It’s my Second) 

The perfect theme for any Cowgirl or Cowboy! Grab some cowboy hats, bandanas, and boots to celebrate your little one!

Two Sweet 

Having a Two Sweet party would make for an easy and delicious dessert table filled with all things sweet to celebrate your sweet little one.

TWO Infinity and Beyond 

If you have a Toy Story fan, this is a PERFECT Two-Year-Old party idea… TWO infinity and beyond!

Tea for Two

Create a Tea Party for you two-year-old! Serve some finger foods and enjoy Tea for your Two year old!

Do-nut Grow up TWO fast 

Another food-themed party is easy to set up for. You can serve donuts as desserts or appetizers or even create a donut board on display!

Two Fancy

You can go many ways with this Two Fancy themed party. Decorate in gold and pink, black and gold, or a combination of the 3 to create a black tie affair for your party.

Some Bunny Is Two

This is especially a great idea for a Spring birthday or around Easter time, celebrate that some bunny is turning two!

I’m Two and Diggin It

Does your two-year-old like trucks and construction sites?! Then I dig being 2 is the perfect theme for your little one! Read this article for more ideas for a construction-themed party that can be used for ANY age! Or you can title your party – Caution: 2-year-old ahead!

I’m Two Cool

This is a perfect theme for a cool little guy to celebrate their second birthday!

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